Other Vehicle Services

We do a lot more than just your simple oil change. Check out our other services and see how Great Canadian Oil Change can help keep your vehicle running smoothly getting you where you need to go safely. We look forward to servicing your vehicle.

Air Filter Replacement Service

Chances are we have the right filter for your vehicle and the means to install it properly. The air filter will eventually become blocked by the road dust it is intended to filter out. Increase your gas mileage & performance by replacing the blocked filter.

PCV Valve and Breather Replacement Service

PCV Valves and breathers prevent pressure build up in your crankcase while helping reduce pollution emissions. Over time they become dirty and possibly even blocked. We carry a large variety.

Serpentine Fan Belt Replacement Service

The serpentine belt is at the core of vital components in your engine. This belt will drive your alternator, water pump, power steering unit, air conditioner, and emission pump. These belts can wear and crack. They should be checked regularly for signs of deterioration and replaced immediately.

Tire Rotations (Including Checking Tire Pressure)

Tire rotation is the process of rearranging the tires on your vehicle so that they are all in different places. This is done just in case there happens to be wearing happening on one tire more often than the others. When the rotation is done, it reduces the wear down on just one tire and increases the longevity of them all. The rotation can be done in a number of different ways, such as rearward cross, frontward cross, and X-pattern. Ask us for more details on the different kinds of rotations as it depends greatly on the type of vehicle you drive ie, front-wheel drive, 4×4, rear wheel drive. After we rotate the tires, we will make sure that the pressure on each of your tires is set at the correct PSI as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Tire Rotations and Seasonal Rotation: When the seasons change you need ensure that your car is safe for you and others on the road. Come to us and we can do a seasonal rotation of your tires in no time. You must have your winter and summer tires on separate winter and summer rims. Winter rims are usually steel and summer rims will mainly be aluminum. Feel free to ask us any questions regarding your summer-to-winter or winter-to-summer tire rotation.

Battery Servicing / Replacement

Is your car slow to start up? Or maybe the lights aren’t as bright as your remember them? Those could be signs that your car battery is starting to go. A healthy battery is important for your vehicle, as it powers most of the safety features on it, such as your lights, blinkers, horn, etc. We can do a full replacement of your car battery, as well as a cleaning for it. Sometimes new batteries can leak acids and fluids and we can help remove the harmful chemicals and reduce any damage.

Changing Light Bulbs

We make changing your light bulb as painless as can be. Don’t wait until a policeman pulls you over to write you a ticket! Come see us and we can repair or replace anything to do with the lights in your vehicle.

Engine Diagnostic Tests

Engines are complex and diverse machines. Luckily for you, we know them inside and out (literally). Visit us if you have any questions or concerns about your engine, and we can run a quick diagnostic test to check and make sure that everything is running smoothly in your vehicle’s most precious piece.